Chemical Peels

Chemical peels involve the application of chemical agents to the skin surface to improve sun damage as well as the skin’s texture and appearance. These peels help remove the top layer of dead skin cells that often cause skin to look dry, dull and lifeless. Once the surface skin is removed, younger, fresher looking skin is revealed. Chemical peels also help to dissolve the oil and debris that clog pores, making them appear smaller and improving acne.

Types of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are superficial (removing only the very surface layer of skin) or medium-depth. Superficial peels are the most common peel performed for acne and sun damage. These are usually done in a series of 3-6 and these peels require minimal or no downtime. Medium depth peels are done for more stubborn brown spots or significant sun damage, and involve several days of significant peeling.

Glycolic acid peel

This is the “lunchtime” peel, causing the least flaking of all the peels. It uses glycolic acid, a mild acid from cane sugar to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, clean pores and refresh the overall appearance of the skin. It is also helpful in evening out skin discoloration and improving sunspots. These are done about every 2 weeks, typically in a series of 5.

Betalift Peel

This peel uses salicylic acid to lift off dead skin cells and has excellent penetration into the hair follicle and oil glands, making it an excellent acne treatment. It also helps to fade hyper-pigmentation and sun spots. After this peel expect mild flaking for 2-5 days.

Illuminize Peel

Introducing our Skin Medica Illuminize Peel, a more superficial peel to refresh the skin surface without significant flaking or downtime, making it a safer peel for all seasons including summer.

Vitalize Peel

This unique blend of mild acids helps to improve skin texture and create a softer, smoother complexion. It is excellent for treating superficial sun damage. After this peel expect mild flaking for 3-5 days.  Within days of the treatment your skin will be smoother and softer with a more even tone.  We typically recommend these in a series of 3.

Rejuvenize Peel

This peel uses a synergistic combination of acids to produce significant results with minimal downtime.  This peel helps to improve acne, hyperpigmentation and rough texture.  After this peel expect fine flaking for up to a week.  We typically recommend these in a series of 3.


This is the strongest of the superficial peels we offer at Las Colinas Dermatology.  It uses a blend of antioxidants, tretinoin (the active ingredient in Retin-A TM) and stronger acids like tricholoroacetic acid for greater penetration into the surface skin layers to lighten melasma and other hyperpigmentation and improve sun damage.  One treatment can improve testure and mild irregular pigment.  A series of three treatments or more may be needed to lighten more significant pigment.  Expect significant peeling for a week after a VIPeel.

TCA Medium Depth Peel

This peel uses TCA (trichloroacetic acid) applied in a layered fashion to remove the outer layers of skin and penetrates slightly into the second skin layer to improve more significant sun damage and pre-cancers.  It also can dramatically improve skin texture, sun spots and other types of hyper-pigmentation. After this peel, expect mild swelling for 1-2 days and significant peeling and redness for up to a week.

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