Skin Pen Microneedling

Las Colinas Dermatology is pleased to offer SkinPen microneedling.  Microneedling uses tiny needles in an innovative motorized pen to create microscopic channels into the skin at various depths (less deep for mild sun damage, deeper for acne scars).  Microneedling triggers the skin’s own natural healing process, which makes new collagen and elastin to give the skin a smoother and freshened appearance.  SkinPen microneedling  can improve rough texture, sun damage and mild acne scars, with less down-time than laser procedures.  Another advantage of SkinPen is the ability to use it in patients with darker skin types, who aren’t good candidates for laser resurfacing procedures like Fraxel.

What Can I Expect With SkinPen Microneedling?

A topical anesthetic is applied before the procedure to reduce the mild discomfort associated with SkinPen.   The SkinPen is used in a few passes over the skin, and the skin is red immediately afterward, similar to a sunburn.  There can also be mild swelling.  Redness, swelling and flaking are usually resolved by two days after treatment.  Dr. Alison Black and Cheryl Sundlov, PA-C usually recommend microneedling in a series of four sessions, about four weeks apart.

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Call Las Colinas Dermatology at 972.432.0300 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alison Black or Cheryl Sundlov, PA-C to see how SkinPen microneedling can improve your skin’s texture and appearance.

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