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At Las Colinas Dermatology, Dr. Alison Black and Cheryl Sundlov, PA-C strive to offer our patients the best skincare products available, taking advantage of the latest skin care advances to help reverse the signs of aging and sun damage. Las Colinas Dermatology offers handpicked lines of clinically proven products that can be used to improve the skin’s health and appearance and to complement the cosmetic procedures we offer. Dr. Black or Cheryl can select the products that will work best with any skin condition and/or prescription medications to help you reach your goals, including clear skin, reduced brown spots and scars, less sun damage and other signs of aging, better texture and elasticity, and better moisture balance. The best anti-aging skin regimen is one customized for your unique skin concerns and your budget and lifestyle.

For anti-aging skin care products to be effective, they must address the real causes of wrinkles, sagging, fine lines, uneven pigmentation and all of the other signs of aging. Those causes are:

  • Higher levels of free radical molecules within the skin’s cells
  • Lower levels of naturally occurring antioxidant-molecules to control the free radicals
  • Fewer new skin cells being produced and insufficient sloughing of dead surface skin cells
  • Loss of collagen and elastin with age

Skin care products containing antioxidants, alpha-hydroxy acids, retinol and growth factors are some of those recommended to address these causes of the signs of aging and sun damage.

Most importantly, Dr. Alison Black and Cheryl Sundlov, PA-C focus not just on treatment, but on prevention of ongoing sun damage and designing a regimen to keep your skin at its best.

The Skin Care Lines Las Colinas Dermatology recommends are:

Several of these products come in an airless pump bottle. Here is a quick video on how to prime your airless pump bottles.

Call Las Colinas Dermatology at 972.432.0300  and we will be glad to answer any questions and schedule a consultation to customize a regimen for healthy and beautiful skin.

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