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What is Melanoma?
Melanoma is a very serious type of skin cancer that can appear at any age. People with light skin, hair and eyes are at a higher risk, as are those who have a family history of the disease or have previously had melanoma themselves. Ultraviolet rays from sunlight or tanning beds are the key contributing environmental factor.Melanoma is less common than other types of skin cancer, accounting for only about 1-2% of all skin cancers, but extremely serious and more dangerous if not found early. Melanomas may develop suddenly, but more often changes in an existing mole will alert you to the possibility of a skin cancer.

ABCDEs of Melanoma?
In order to help screen for possible melanomas, it is helpful to remember the “ABCDEs” for unusual moles

What You Need to Know

  • Melanoma is a very serious cancer, but the prognosis is good when diagnosed and treated early
  • Minimize sun exposure and wear sunscreen to reduce your chances of getting melanoma
  • Checking your own skin once a month for abnormalities and changes can lead to early detection
  • Melanoma is diagnosed through a biopsy and your doctor will discuss treatment options with you


As a dermatology practice, we want to offer our patients the best sunscreen products available.  That’s why Las Colinas Dermatology offers handpicked lines of clinical-quality sunscreens. These sunscreens meet our strict standards, and we know they can make a real difference in the health of your skin.
Las Colinas Dermatology carries:

  • SkinCeuticals Sunscreens – including the Daily Brightening UV Defense Sunscreen SPF 30, which imparts a pretty glow!
  • ColoreScience Sunscreens – including unique powder sunscreens and color-adjusting sunscreens!
  • ISDIN Sunscreens – harnessing the power of DNA repairsomes
  • EltaMD Sunscreens – offering a wide range of daily and sport sunscreens.

Also, we love antioxidant supplements that reduce the negative effects of free radicals caused by sun exposure.

  • ISDIN Sunisdin Supplement


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